The HSK 1 Summer Intensive Course 2018

Meridian Chinese Studies

The HSK 1 Summer Intensive Course 2018

The dates from 16th July to 27th July

Monday to Friday for two weeks in 10 days, total 30 hours.

Class time 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm

The target: make the nice language program to pass HSK Level One smoothly.

The total number of Chinese characters going to learn: 178

The sentences which students can read, write, listen and speak: 890

The textbooks: materials of HSK1 (will send by school though electronic documents), and the book Mastering Chinese Characters, A Modern Approach.

Cost of textbooks in total is: £49.00

Tuition fee: £450.00

Special discounted rate for A-Level Students !!

Mecs has a special offer for A-Level School and College students aged between 16 and 18 years old, who have very little or no previous experience of studying  the Chinese language, to help them get around learning the Mandarin Chinese quickly and cheaply. The students can Join the summer intensive course for a special discounted rate of £150 (rather than standard price of £450).

For further information:

Location of Mecs: 19-21 Ridgmount St, London WC1E 7AH.

Contact number: 07772 908 088  /  07977 221 889