Beginner Courses

Want to learn Mandarin Chinese?

Start with Everyday Chinese for beginners

Our lively and friendly classes (5–8 students) are taught by senior teachers and native-speaking teaching assistants.

Beginner courses are divided into 4 parts

1. Beginners: Term 1 (Unit 1-4, book 1)

From absolute beginner to simple conversation and runs for 8 weeks. Term 1 gives you the basic tools and you can read 121 different sentences using only Chinese characters.

2. Beginners: Term 2 (Unit 5-6, book 1&2)

Term 2 will last for 6 weeks and give you new speech patterns, longer sentences and much more vocabulary. In the end, you can read another 148 sentences.

3. Beginners: Term 3 (Unit 7-9, book 2)

Term 3 will take another 12 weeks; you will know hundreds of sentences, including long conversations, around 50% vocabulary of the GCSE Chinese Exam in the UK

4. Beginners: Term 4 (Unit 10-12, book 3)

Into Term 4, learning for further 12 weeks, you will complete the most of elementary patterns, and around 75% vocabulary of the GCSE Chinese Exam in the U.K.

What will I learn?

You will learn reading, writing, speaking and listening Chinese. By the end of this course you should be comfortably having daily life conversations, and using 510 individual Chinese characters to compose a thousand phases and sentences.

How is the course taught?

‘Zoom In Mandarin: Everyday Chinese for beginners’ (written and published by Meridian Chinese Studies) is the course study book, and taught using the D. Su’s TDR™ Grammar System which simplifies and accelerates the language learning process.

How long is the course?

Courses run for 4 terms in total 76 hours in 38 weeks, each weekly session lasts 2 hours and courses are run throughout the year. Regular slots can be booked for weekday classes held in the evenings at 18:45 to 20:45.

What level will be next after the beginner’s courses completed?

Lower Intermediate: Term 5 (Unit 13-15, book 4)

In Term 5, you will smoothly step to the lower intermediate level, after 12 weeks learning, in the end, you can comfortably take GCSE Exam.