About Mecs

Who are we?
We are Meridian Chinese Studies.

Founded by David Su Liqun the creator of the revolutionary TDR™ teaching method (show books link to Amazon) we’ve taught everyone from actors to business people, government departments to financial institutions. We’ve taught talented toddlers, moody teenagers and savvy students. We’ve taught bankers, lawyers, marketing managers and artists. (Not to mention all the teachers we’ve trained!). We also teach lots of British born Chinese people who are reconnecting with their Chinese roots.

Our core team includes a mix of native Chinese speaking senior level teachers, teaching assistants and teacher trainers – all of whom are very highly experienced, speak good English and have taught in the UK for many years.

We also tap into a wider network of professional friends who help us create the most interesting Chinese learning programs around – including people from the worlds of business, film, TV, theatre, video-gaming, language education, psychology, music and design.

It’s this rich and varied experience that allows us to develop the Meridian range of study techniques, tools and materials now being used by an ever-increasing number of teachers to make learning.