The Natural Order

Meridian Chinese Studies has many years of teaching Mandarin Chinese especially to students in the UK.  We have taught all levels and all age groups and academic backgrounds.  It is this extensive experience that has allowed us to develop our own range of proven methods, tools and materials – already being used by many teachers across the world – to help you learn Chinese better and faster.

The Natural Order

This is the fundamental concept that underlies the Chinese view of the world – a natural order or sequence, which emphasizing large restrict small, universal restrict specific, mankind restricts the individual.  This philosophy is reflected in the way of Chinese people thinking, speaking and writing. Understanding it is the key to learning Chinese quickly and successfully.

A standard Chinese sentence always follows the T(time), D(place), R(action) sequence.  In other words, the sentence begins with WHEN something is happening, then WHERE, then WHAT.

The T-D-R method includes in its system a number of simple but powerful tools and techniques to help the learner to grasp more quickly how the Chinese language works.

MESC one to one student includes

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Syllabus of Meridian Chinese Studies

Since the establishment of the Meridian Chinese Studies in 2006, we have been teaching people who are interested in Chinese language and culture.

We have both small classes and individual one-to-one Mandarin courses, the syllabus is the same.

Our courses are in line with the HSK 1-6 exams set by the Chinese Language Office of China. The course is divided into six levels from beginner to high advanced.

Our teaching materials are specially designed to match these six levels.

To find out more: Syllabus of Meridian Chinese Studies